May 14, 2008

Etiquette of Reply All

There should be a book on Email Etiquette – maybe there is. I'm so annoyed. It really bugs/annoy me that people reply all and arggg don't even think… hmmm is it necessary to reply all?

I get an email from a friend saying she is engaged. Great news – I send a reply back to my friend not the entire mass mailing saying congrats. Well there is always one person that would reply all – "congrats". ARGGGGG - now think – was that necessary to reply all? HECK NO!

If everybody on the entire mass mailing reply all
"congrats" – I will get like gazillion (I think that’s how you spell that world) emails; along with everyone else. And that is a waste of bandwidth and storage space.

Maybe I’m just hungry? So moody or is my friend coming soon? Ugh need to find food.

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