April 21, 2008

Saturday afternoon, Joe and I took little Joey to my sister's house - where my parents will be taking care of him for awhile. Told my parents to keep training him – gave them the do’s and don’t – when to walk him, when to feed him, give him this when he is good, give him this when you leave the house, etc… It was very hard and sad to leave him. As we were heading out, he followed Joe and I. I told him to sit and stay - he was sitting on the top stair, looking down at us and then out the window - as we drove away. I wonder what is going through his little mind - why are you leaving without me? when are you coming back? Is this my new home? Ohhhh so sad!

It was very quiet Sunday morning w/o Joey around. I look around the family room and notice his crate isn't near the TV. No dog food or treats on the kitchen table. All of his random balls/toys are gone too. I miss him already!

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