April 18, 2008

My parents are back in town to help my sister out when the baby comes along in a couple months. We're going to have a family gathering/meeting tomorrow. Joey will be moving back to my sister's house, where my parents can take care of him. Hopefully he won't forget his training. And hopefully he will be okie. I'll miss him. I really want him to stay with me, but I rather he stay with my parents, where they can watch him and he gets to run around. If he stay with me, he's stuck in his crate while Joe and I are at work. Also I spend $300-$325 a month for having a dog walker.

I need a job where I can work from home! Living in this area is expensive.

I'm still budgeting - trying not to spend money on unnecessary expense.

On top of everything Joe is sick! Gotta get home and take care of my hubby!

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Adriane said...

To cut extra expenses, "NO STARBUCKS!". That is all. :-)