February 26, 2008

Joey aka the dog aka my baby - is 7/8 years old and hasn't been around other dogs and/or people. So when he gets scared, he starts to bark and growl - a very bad habit. And with spring just around the corner, I would like to take him on longer walks. Exercise for him and me. So we are signed up for Manner 101 (every Monday at 8pm for 6 weeks). Last night was our first "social" / training session. Both the trainer and I we're very please with Joey. He didn’t growl or bark at the other 3 dogs and owners. Joey did very well with his sit and short stay. And of course his treats we're super yummy and expensive! On the ride home, Joey was dozing off - too cute. The little guy had a fun but tiring night.

Joe thinks Joey enjoys car ride - which may be true. I think Joey just like going outside, since he's always home or in his crate. He gets out of the house 4 times a day for nature call - but that's about it. I guess the little guy wants more. So hopefully Manner 101 will help him be a bit more social and be less scared of dogs/people; so that we can enjoy longer walks without the growling and barking.

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