March 4, 2008

It’s March already! Gotta say – March will be a busy month.

My To Do List
  1. Spring clean – donate/freecyle things we don’t need. We’re trying to de-clutter the house. And I have tons of things all over the house. Just lots of STUFF.
  2. Gather up paper work for Tax – Do my tax
  3. Start veggie seeding. (Joe doesn’t like it when I garden on the deck) I think it was last month – I tried winter sowing. I should peek at it and see if anything has pop up yet?
  4. Clean out downstairs closet ( take a before / after photo )
  5. Sew!!!! Start Joey’s bed!!!!
  6. Make baby shower invitation (mid-march)
  7. Website stuff
  8. More to come….

1 comment:

Adriane said...

This is a long list. You are going to be busy! March is the best time to start prepping your grass/garden.