November 1, 2007

Yesterday - Halloween - we did past out candies to the neighborhood kids even if we don't like them. Well let me rephrase, we don't like the kids on our street. They are a bunch of dingbats and so disrespectful!!!! Any who, we gave dingbats kids - old candies and candies we don't like (like last year almond joy and salt water taffy - yuck). Everyone else got the good stuff - bite size M&Ms and Kit Kat.

My parents, sister and her hubby came by around 7:30ish. They brought up 1 big basil plant, 3 chili pepper plants and 1 large flower/plant (not sure what it is). Joe doesn't look too happy with clutters in our house.

We had dinner at Bistro Thai (Joe and I love that place!). Food: 2 order of summer rolls, 2 orders of shrimp blankets, 2 orders of sweet and sour fish, 1 order spicy tilapia fried fish, 1 order of panang curry beef, and 1 order of garlic beef. Everything was so tasty!

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