November 2, 2007

I wonder how hard it will be to make these felt slippers.

Weekend To Do List

  • clean bathrooms & bedroom
  • vacuum
  • return library books
  • bookkeeping / clean desk
  • visit Staples
  • organize yarns/ paper crafts
  • food shop / come up with week meal plans

NO coffee for Joe and I (it's bad for you!!!) - we'll see how long this will last.


AParis said...

Now you tell me after you have me hooked on iced coffee from "Give me your money Bucks".

Heather said...

Okay did you make these? I need to make some too. I've done a lot of knitting and felting and my favorite felt slippers have holes in both toes. I'd love to know if you made them and see how they turned out if so.