October 30, 2007

We never made it to Famous Dave's last nite (no yummy ribs). We ended up making fried chicken wings, salads and fruits - very yummy, but oh so unhealthy (fried chicken). We're trying to be good and not eat out every other day. Gotta save money for our honeymoon in January 2008. Man Tokyo will be expensive!!!!! And I need to save money - so that I can afford doggie care. Joey's dog walker will cost me $15 a day - $75.00 a week - $300.00 a month. WOAH!!!!!! That's almost a car payment BUT he's worth it. (I think)

He's so cute and very photogenic!!!

Don't you hate fire drills? Well we had one at work today, at about 10:00 a.m. I'm sitting at my desk working away (transferring data to CMS) when the fire alarm went off. I'm thinking is this a TEST? Nope! Grab my wallet, phone and coat and walking toward the stair. I've never seen so many people taking the stairs before - very busy, loud and people were moving so SLOW. If there was an actually fire, everyone would be burn alive. People were talking and this man even brought along his starbucks coffee - sheesh. He would care for his coffee if it was a real fire. Chaos for sure!

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AParis said...

Joey is sooooo adorable. Makes me want to get a dog but cats are better! :-)