November 5, 2007

I guess you can say I did half of the items on my weekend to do list.
  • clean bathrooms & bedroom
  • vacuum
  • return library books
  • bookkeeping / clean desk
  • visit Staples
  • organize yarns/ paper crafts
  • food shop / come up with week meal plans

While cleaning I found a bunch of white/purple tulip bulbs; leftover from wedding party favors. I should just plant them and be done with it. And when spring time rolls around; I'll be able to enjoy them.

Mini Movie - Surf's Up - A cute movie about a penguin wanting to win a surfing competition. I think it moved a bit slow here and there (I fell asleep toward the end; maybe I was tired).

Oh I had coffee on Saturday! Bad bad Niki!!

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Teri said...

Nice Blog :)