May 27, 2008

Vacation is over – now back to reality. I’m back from Colorado Springs, CO – it was great to get away. I’m so tired, took the red eye from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas; Las Vegas to Regan National; and then metro to work.

We did the tourist stuff (COG railway, Pikes Peak, Garden of Gods, etc), visit Joe’s cousin and attended a local festival/crafts fair. Spent $27.00 in junk food!

Couple hours ago, I got a phone call from my mom – my sister and baby (my niece) are both doing well. My parents are so excited! I’m glad everything went well.

Lots to do before the big move – Joe and I have talked but no plans yet. We’ve talked about what to do with the townhouse, health insurance, jobs, will we need storage, how big of a place do we rent in MI, etc… In two weeks we’ll be visiting Lansing, MI.

Our chapter living in Washington, DC will close pretty soon and a new chapter in Lansing, MI will start - a very scary road.

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