February 8, 2008

Yesterday was Chinese New Year (Year of the Rat). My parents are away on an extend vacation. My sister and hubby are on a mini cruise vacation. So it's Joe, Joey (aka the dog) and I - a very quiet Chinese New Year. Usually, my parents would make tons of food (shrimp/pork fried rice, fried fish, some sort of noodle dish, stick rice, fruits, tea, sweets, etc..) and my sister and I would get red envelopes with money ($60-$100). No red envelopes this year.

Joe and I; well I decided not to cook since it's just the three of us, hmmm two of us - since Joey doesn't eat human food. We had carryout from Saigon City (Joe and I love this place). Dinner consist of egg rolls, grilled pork chop (Com Suong Nuong), Caramel fish (Cá Kho To - slices of catfish simmering in caramel sauce - YUMMY) and rice.

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