February 10, 2008

This is my first time trying my hand at winter sowing (rec'd free 10 packets of seeds from wintersown.org). I found 5 recycle containers - filled with dirt and flower seeds. Hopefully by spring - I won't be disappointed. Joe doesn't really like me gardening - but he lets me do it anyways (only on the deck). And I need to figure out a way to keep the ANTS away - those little bugger!

Simple process for winter sowing:

1. Gather recycles containers (water bottles, soda bottles, etc)

2. Cut in half, put holes in the bottom for drainage, and couple
holes on top for air

3. Fill with dirt

4. Water

5. Add seeds

6. Tape it up

7. Put outside and wait till spring.

It's pretty easy so far. Check out the website above for more information and better instruction on how to winter sow.

Niki's Winter Sow 2008:

1. Deer Park water bottle 1 - Blue Balloon Flower & Stokes Aster

2. Deer Park water bottle 2 - Coreopsis (yellow flowers)

3. Milk Jug - Black Eye Susan

4. Large Salad Box - 6 Beans & Hibiscus

5. Small Salad Box - Hibiscus

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