January 16, 2008

So Joey did something bad last night - he peed in the house! He hasn't done that in a long time. Bad Joey, bad boy! He knew he did something wrong because he ran to his crate. I had to drag him out, push his face into (near) the pee and gave his nose and bottom a smack. I think I hit him a bit to hard, he yelp and ran back to his crate. Husband was NOT happy! Dinner got cold while we were cleaning up Joey's mess. 10 minutes later, Joey comes out of his crate, as if nothing has happen. However the mood of the evening wasn't pleasant. I wonder if Joey knows, I think he does.

Joe was mean to Joey (kicking him out of the kitchen) and saying "I hate that dog" and I'm like "Gosh, he's a dog! Can't you be a bit nicer to him? You're acting just like my brother-in-law". My husband even had the nerve to ask me who I would pick, him or Joey. Arrrgggghhhh - I can't believe he even ask that question!

Look at that cute face..How can you stay mad at him or hate him? An evening of Joey/Joe drama - Sigh!

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Adriane said...

Joey is sooo adorable! Accidents happen with animals just like with kids. He will be fine.