January 24, 2008

Hello from sunny New Caledonia – the weather here is perfect (short and tee shirt/tank top). Joe and I just got back from a half day of jet ski tour of some bays and small islands. I’m a bit burnt on my knee/leg and arms. Ops - must have missed a few spots. Lunch at Le Zanzibar (French restaurant) was GREAT especially the desert (3 flavor sorbet – YUMMY).

Today is our last day (killing time and trying to use up all of our internet minutes) - tomorrow we're off to Tokyo where we will have to put on our sweater and coat. We’re looking forward to getting lost in Tokyo, eating lots of YUMMY sushi, Onsen or bathhouse, etc.

Here are a few sunrise photos - enjoy!!!

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Adriane said...

OMG! Very pretty! The atmosphere looks so serene and tranquil. I'm so jealous! No, really these are so beautiful. I hope you and Joe enjoyed one another and had a great time.