October 5, 2007

Updates on African Violets:

3 out of 7 African Violets are blooming however something isn’t right. Previous owner mention I should fertilize them every water sessions. Also she said something about "long neck" and maybe I need to repot a few? I’m concern about two of the plants – the leaves are “drooping”. Not sure what to do about it. They all have plenty of water... maybe fertilizing is the key?

Cooking is so hard! I tried my hand at sponge cake and sad to report that it turn out “Egg-ie”. When the recipes say: “stiffly beaten egg whites” – it means use some sort of mixer. I tried to beat the egg whites with this wimpy wisk. Maybe I’m not very good at following directions?

Cooking goal: I’m going go slow and try to make one new dish each month. I’m thinking Vietnamese – a variety of summer rolls. It shouldn’t be too hard.

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