October 17, 2007

It's finally finish - our two night stand (which looks lovely btw). Couple months ago, Joe purchased two unfinished night stand. It took us forever to stain and put protecting oil on it; due to lack of time. We're sick of it sitting in our kitchen space and finally last night, both were moved to the master bedroom next to our king size bed.

TV - is so bad. Last night Joe and I saw "A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila"; single Asian 25 year old bisexual female looking for love. It was interesting enough for me to tivo the series. After watching the show for an hour, Joe had enough - off to bed. (Joe really loves me to sit thru all the junk show I watch). I need to tivo "Real World" and I want to check out "Jon & Kate plus 8".

I shouldn't be watching TV - I should be thinking about passive income. I want or should I say my GOAL is to create couple websites and see if I can generate income by ads placement. I hope it works!

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