August 5, 2008

So bad! I brought more stamps from Girl A and on top of that; the other day I was researching ideas for wedding card and somehow I spent $50 on stamps at And the sad thing is that I’ll end up buy a wedding card. The stamps will arrive I think on Friday – by then I’m already out of town.

This year – I am going to make holiday cards for my clients! For the last two year, I’ve sent out e-cards. I just need to find a design and just do it.

I also have my new spiral O binder – which I need to play with. I’m thinking a 2009 planner? Mini Notepads?

Garden Updates:

They are doing wonderful – my tomatoes are still green, a few turning yellow and TWO were red. Snip, snip and now the two red tomatoes are sitting on my kitchen counter – hmmm salad might be good for tonight’s dinner! And I have more then enough cucumbers and zucchini (there's more growing). I gave some to my parents and coworker.

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