March 17, 2008

Is my marriage normal – it’s like every other day or so, we’re fighting about something stupid? Why is it so hard for my husband to be agreeable? Why is it so hard for my husband to help out?

Is it so hard to help cook? Last night we went out eating with my sister and her husband. I told him, we need to cook the pork chop when we get home. He goes; I have to work on my application. And what I don’t have things to do? But if we go to Dairy Queen and he gets ice cream, then he can help me cook. What the heck. It’s like I will help you if I get something else in return. If you think about it… you don’t have to buy lunch and you’re saving money. I just don’t get it.

Why is it so hard to get my husband to walk the dog? Can’t he help out? It’s my dog, true, but it doesn’t hurt once in awhile to help out. It’s hard work walking him 3-4x a day. And when he does walk my dog – he say something stupid like, this adds towards my point. What the heck. You can’t just be helpful - why do you need a reason, a benefit/reward for being helpful? Does the term random act of kindness mean anything?

Maybe I should start racking up points for clean the house, doing laundry, food shopping, making lunches, washing dishes, etc….

I work too! ARGGGGG

Also everything is so separate. This is yours and this is mine.

I got my sister a baby crib ($250) as a baby gift. And ask Joe does he want to contribute? He said how much do you want me to contribute and I’m like how much do you want to give. He so cheap – he’s like $50. And I said fine. But I still haven’t rec’d any money – maybe he forgot. I just get tired of asking him.

Note to self – try to do things yourself without asking other for help.

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