February 5, 2008

This is a great article - 25 Ways I Save Money

25 things to save money:

1. Make it automatic. (I need to work on this - I only have automatic saving into 401k. I need to open up a Roth IRA and start adding $$$.)

2. Keep minimum funds in checking account. (Need to work on)

3. Don’t pay banking fees! (Check - I don't used ATM or rarely do. All accounts are free accounts)

4. Use rewards credit cards. (Check)

5. Actively search out deals. (Check - I'm trying not to spend money on "stuff")

6. Use a programmable thermostat. (Check)

7. Use ceiling fans, floor fans, and space heaters. (hmmm does this really save money?)

8. Install CFLs to save energy. (getting there)

9. Drive smoothly. (Hardly drive - slug to work)

10. Plan and research major purchases. (Check)

11. Buy quality products. (working on it)

12. Buy generic where applicable. (trying)

13. Use coupons and rebates. (Check)

14. Use store rewards cards. (hmmmm)

15. Cook at home. (trying very hard at this - since eating out cost lots of $$$)

16. Eat leftovers.(trying)

17. Use the library. (Check)

18. Use parks. (Check)

19. Take care of things. (Check)

20. Buy insurance. (Check)

21. Bundle cable and internet. (separate deals for cable and internet - we did go 6-9 months without cable)

22. Use cell phones - (have cell and land-line; might cancel land-line. Used land-line for fax, but then we could used online fax or fax at work)

23. Cancel subscriptions. (working on it - only have 1 subscriptions; I won't renewal)

24. Home improvement. (working on it)

25. Avoid debt. (working on it - 1 student loan; I pay off balance on credit card)

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