February 1, 2008

It was awful this morning – cold and wet! 6:00 am – time to walk Joey. After putting on his rain jacket (yes he has a jacket) and leash – time to head out. Usually Joey's all excited about going outside for his walk. Today, he’s standing there at the doorstep staring at me and probably thinking I rather pee in the house - NOT. “Come on Joey” I said. He didn’t move - the little stinker; so I had to drag him out. We head straight to his favorite spot – did his business and back in the house - done within 5mins.

Bad – Bad – Bad Joey - he has done it again *pee in the house* and guest who’s not happy. JOE! So last night Joey was glued to my side. It wasn’t too bad – Joey was happy I was upstairs with him and not downstairs in the “office”. Thank god for laptop - uploaded all of our honeymoon photos – now I just need to go through them and delete the bad ones. There are over 500 photos!

Is it lunch time yet? I’m so hungry!!!!

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