January 7, 2008

Mission Failed: Didn't make egg rolls or pickle dailon/carrot. We did end up eating Vietnamese Hot Pot - beef, shrimp, watercress, lettuces, cumber, mint, basil, rice noodles, rice paper and homemade peanut sauce. It's so yummy!!!!

Our past trip to Ohio, Joe took me to Buffalo Wild Wings - the wings we're a bit small, but we loved the honey bbq sauce (sweet with a bit of kick). Last night we made a batch of chicken wings with Buffalo Wild Wings hone bbq sauce and it was so tasty. Pros - cost less and bigger wings. Cons – clean up is a pain.

On Saturday evening, Joe and I we're yelling at each other about "stuff". My little Honda Fit can only hold so much stuff, so my sister and her hubby drop the stuff off. Now, majority of the stuff are being donated (Jan 11) however there are a few items that I would like to keep - 4 chairs, couple picture frames, table and lamp. Joe didn't like that too much - he hates clutter. What did he say "It depress him". I was like "why is it that I have to ask what I can and can't bring into our house". So we're arguing about 4 chairs; how he doesn't want it. But I want them. He yelled at me and I yelled back. Not a pretty sight in front of my sister and our neighbor. But who the heck cares. In the end, he walked away and went upstairs. Needless to say, we didn't go out to dinner with my sister and her hubby.

4 chairs are sitting in the kitchen pending placement.


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