December 18, 2007

Phil (a friend) has passed away – December 13, 2007. He has been suffering from Hodgkin’s IV for the past couple of years. Joe and I haven't kept in touch or heard from him in a while. I do read his blog off and on and often read post on backpacker forum. I knew him a bit longer then Joe (a month or two). We’ve hiked with Phil couple times – mostly in VA and MD area. I remember on one of our hike – he was talking about his job - testing on rabbits. There was this time, when a group of us were eating at Shirlington and he comment on how “big” my friend’s breast were. And she got all red. On another hike –the same friend had a hangover and he picked on her the entire hike up – it was too funny.

Sunday (12/15/07) – Joe and I attended his memorial service. The room was pack with families and friends who care and love him. I will miss him! He was only 40 – such a young age - very sad. Rest In Peace Phil.

I’m going try and dig up Old Rag photos and post them.

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