November 14, 2007

Location: Portland, Oregon
Travel Dates: Friday, Nov 9, 2007 - Tuesday, Nov 13, 2007
Airline: Delta
Hotel Deluxe

, Oregon
was great!!! Before leaving – the forecast called for RAIN (boo) - I’m so glad that it didn’t rain Saturday or Sunday. We did a lot of walking; downtown, Powell’s bookstore (4 floors of books!!), Saturday Market (lots of handmade things), saw Hood Mountain (it's so pretty), mini hiking trip (saw 2 water falls and had to get coffee at their mini stand), visit an organic farm, wine tasting and visit Wal-Mart in Washington state. Hotel Deluxe was neat - the rooms we're a bit small. And we got charge for a Reese candy from the "mini bar" in our room; we didn't even eat it!

Oregon and Washington are checked off - states I’ve visited.

Joe got us tickets to see The Underpants - we had front row seats and laugh our butts off. The Underpants; by Carl Sternheim; Adapted by Steve Martin; Directed by Rose Riordan. - "In this side-splitting reinvention of a turn-of-the-century German sex comedy, the incomparable Steve Martin (yes, that Steve Martin) focuses his zany eye on the relationship between a prudish butcher and his delectably voluptuous young wife, Louise. Set in 1910, when a glimpse of stocking was something shocking, two very different men face cardiac arrest when they are witness to the full descent of the luscious Louise's lingerie during an outdoor celebration. Louise becomes something of an instant celebrity and a magnet for romantic intrigue in this hilarious, frothy, naughty comedy."

Monday – it rain and I had cramps, so we took it easy. Visit Powell’s bookstore and saw a movie at a place called Living Room Theater. The seats we’re big and comfy. We saw Broken English (a chick flick) – I enjoyed it; Joe said it was okie. Afterward, we spent the remainder of the time at Starbucks on our laptop before heading to the airport. We can’t live without our laptops!!!!

Now for PICTURES!!!! Enjoy!

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