October 22, 2007

I've always wanted to donate my hair for a cause. So over the weekend, my sister took off 12 inches!!! I now have a very short hair style; I don't think Joe likes it too much. But oh well - hair will grow. Pro of having short hair - you use less shampoo and conditioner. And you get out of the shower quicker! I'm sending my hair to Lock of Love.

Mini Movie Review:

Transformers: Robots that can transform to different things (radio, airplanes, cars, trucks, etc) looking for fuel supplies (a cube). It started off a bit slow for me but once I got into the movie - I really enjoyed it. Love the cool cgi; a little friendship bonding and falling in love action. Everyone that I know who have seen the movie said they like it or it's pretty cool.

The Ex: About a guy name Tom who gets fired from his job and ends up working for his wife's Ex. It's funny but an ok movie. I rented this movie because of Zach Braff. I'm a Scrubs fan!

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