September 23, 2007

Saturday (9/22/07) – My sister and Pia threw Joe and I a dinner party at IndeBleu (for those that couldn't make it to our wedding in OH).

People who attend: Mali, Sharon & Hoa, Pia, Kieu & Feraz, Robin & Todd, Anh & Liang, Joe and I.

We had a great time and the food was wonderful - beside the fish bone issue! We sat upstairs in one of the private rooms; very nicely decorated - during dinner the light dim (a bit too dark for me). We had a party of 12 and shared a bunch of small, large and desert dishes. Our waiter recommended almost everything on the menu saying it taste great. My friend was like - is there anything on the menu that doesn't taste great?

Favorite small plate: Crispy Duck Meatballs and Port Blair Crab Cakes
Favorite large plate: Yellow Fin Tuna and Pork Loin
Favorite dessert plate: Apple Crumble

FYI: Don't order the Salmon large plate - my sister-in-law had a small fish bone stuck somewhere in her throat. Hardly any light in the bathroom - she couldn't figure out what was wrong. Only when they were outside (in the street light) could they see that a fish bone stuck down her throat. You could barely see your reflection in the mirror and if you want to see if you have anything stuck between your teeth - forget it - you'll need to be like kissing the mirror to do that.

Overall - I would visit IndeBleu again - just not anytime soon (it is a bit pricey).

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